Understanding the very nature of key Business English Skills

ECPSR strongly believes in imparting quality education which can change the life of its students. One such course is the Diploma and Degree courses in English Language. Here are a few glimpses of our Diploma course.

The Diploma course in English language is designed for students who are either at an early stage in their careers or students who have not yet started working.

The aim of the course is to give you a good general knowledge and understanding of the use of English in business situations. You can choose to study as many lessons per week. There are various sections which are designed specifically for enhancing your core strength in terms of English grammar and vocabulary. You can s
Business English Skillstudy at your own pace and even contact us in case you need any clarifications. The expert faculties present at our study centers are all capable of handling your queries and infuse confidence in your learning experience. 

Initially, the course focuses primarily on key Business English skills, with an increasing emphasis on integrated exam practice and strategy sessions as it progresses.

The various sections which get due importances in this English course are mentioned below.
Additionally, to enhance the usability & scale of our diploma program, you will also be introduced to specific business-related skills at ECPSR such as:

Applying for a job (writing CV/resume + covering letter, job interviews) in guidance with our faculty at study center
Conducting and contributing to meetings and negotiations at basic level
Giving basic presentations 
Writing reports
Socializing (welcoming visitors and making small talk) negotiating
Communicating effectively on the telephone
Corresponding effectively in business (emails, letters and memos)
Understanding inter-cultural differences

The course also prepares you for many entrance exams like TOEFL, IELTS etc as we, at ECPSR cover the grammar part in detail which is aimed at making your grammar base strong.

In the course, you can see that a very challenging topic - how to write your CV - is also included. You know outside ECPSR, even small institutes charge hefty amount to help or train in resume writing but we have included it in the course itself giving full weightage to this important topic. 

ECPSR understands the very nature of the professional world that's why we have also explained in full detail another important topic i.e. Giving Presentations before your seniors or board of directors or before your prospective clients. Again this module is priceless considering the fact that giving Sales presentation often becomes the core of our jobs in the modern world.

At ECPSR, many such crucial modules have been included in the course because we are here to deliver value and to build long lasting relationship with our students.


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